CHILDREN’S VALLEY ENGLISH SCHOOL is a leading educational setup driven by a passion for excellence in education and quality in life, established on 12th Feb 2012.The school pays emphasis on its motto “SERVICE, TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE” The aim of the school is to illuminate the minds and souls of its students with the light of knowledge and enduring human values, so that they may become good and responsible citizens not only of this country, but of the world, as well. The school implants confidence in the mind of the young students to take on strong challenges in their way of success. The school pays emphasis on the holistic development of the students entrusted to its crate. Apart from academic excellence, the school emphasises on cognitive development, value education, inculcation of good behaviour and conduct. The school is committed to educating tomorrow’s strategic citizens and also provides the students with great opportunities to participate in arts, recreational sports, vocal, physical activities and many more.
The school has very good learning environment. The dedicated teachers inspire the students to achieve the highest possible academic standards while focusing on the needs of the individual.

Christmas Celebration in the School Campus


Computer Project created by the students

Magic Show in the school